Welcome to the Vanderbilt New York family. With each finely crafted accessory—be it a watch, pen, or pair of sunglasses—you become a part of the rich legacy that symbolizes not just luxury and quality, but also an incredible journey across time and place.

The Journey Begins with Cornelius

The Vanderbilt History

In 1805, Cornelius Vanderbilt built his empire, starting with a single boat, which later expanded to steamships and railroads, changing the face of American transportation. Born in 1794, Cornelius’ acumen and ambition would lay the foundation for a legacy that has spanned centuries.

Did You Know?
The name "Vanderbilt" comes from the Dutch surname "Van Der Bilt," meaning "from the hill," encapsulating the family's origins and ascent to prominence.


The Dawn of a New Era

An iconic legacy meets the dynamism of India! In an exhilarating collaboration, Mr. Mohan Murjani and SuperSpring Ventures, join forces to introduce Vanderbilt New York to India. This collaboration promises a fusion of the illustrious Vanderbilt heritage tailored to resonate with the diverse and vibrant spirit of India.

Quality & Legacy

Our Commitment

Vanderbilt New York is not just a brand; it is a commitment to a legacy that has spanned continents and centuries. Every product you hold is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, standing as a tribute to the relentless pursuit of excellence, that began with Cornelius Vanderbilt.

Grand Central, Vanderbilt University, Biltmore, and More...

Vanderbilt Landmarks and Achievements

Cornelius Vanderbilt was instrumental in the construction of New York's Grand Central Station, a beacon of ingenuity and style. The family's commitment to to philanthropy and education, led to the establishment of The Vanderbilt University. The Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, serves as another lasting example of the Vanderbilt eye for grandeur and excellence.

  • The Multi-Faceted Gloria Vanderbilt

    Gloria Vanderbilt, Cornelius' great-great-granddaughter, emerged as a fashion icon, artist, and socialite. With her, the Vanderbilt name became synonymous with fashion, style, and luxury, setting new norms for elegance and sophistication in a modern era.

  • The Birth of an Iconic Jean


    The 1970s saw a revolutionary change as Mohan Murjani launched Gloria Vanderbilt jeans, the first jeans designed to fit women - an elegant fusion of style, comfort, and quality. This fashion line would define a generation and broaden the scope of the Vanderbilt legacy.

  • The Vanderbilt Estate in Phuket


    The Vanderbilt Estate in Phuket serves as a modern-day testament of luxury and splendor that mirrors the Vanderbilt commitment to excellence.


Join Us in this Journey

We invite you to be part of this incredible chapter in the Vanderbilt legacy and sincerely hope our meticulously crafted products, born from the hands of skilled artisans, evoke the joy and satisfaction of a masterpiece, that reflects the commitment and dedication to its creation.