Frequently Asked Questions


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What makes Vanderbilt New York unique?

Vanderbilt New York is an epitome of luxury and heritage, offering finely crafted accessories that carry forward a rich legacy. Our products aren’t just about style and quality; they are a testament to a journey that spans across time and place.

Where can I buy Vanderbilt New York products?

A: Our exclusive range can be purchased directly from our website. Additionally, we have select retail partners; please check our Store Locator for details.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we do offer international shipping. For detailed information on shipping rates and delivery timelines, please refer to our Shipping Policy.


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How often does my watch need servicing?

We recommend servicing your Vanderbilt New York watch every 2-3 years to ensure longevity and accurate timekeeping.

My quartz watch has stopped. What should I do?

Quartz watches run on batteries. If your watch stops or is losing significant time, it might be time for a battery replacement. Please visit an authorized service center for assistance.

Can I wear my watch while swimming?

It depends on the water- resistance rating of your specific watch model. However, even for water-resistant watches, we advise against prolonged submersion.

How do I change the time or date on a chronograph watch?

To change the Time : 

  • Pull the crown out to the second position.
  • Turn the crown until the desired time is set.
  • Push the crown back into its original position.

To change the Date:

  • Pull the crown out to the first position.
  • Turn the crown clockwise or counter-clockwise (depending on the model) to set the desired date.
  • Push the crown back to its original position.

How do I set the time or date on an automatic (mechanical) watch?

For most automatic watches:

  • Pull the crown out to the second position for time setting.
  • Turn the crown until you reach the desired time.
  • For date setting, pull the crown to the first position and turn until the desired date is set.
  • Push the crown back into its original position.

How do I adjust the settings on a tourbillon watch?

Given the intricate nature of tourbillon mechanisms, we recommend referring to the specific user manual provided with your Vanderbilt New York tourbillon watch. Care must be taken while setting to ensure the delicate mechanics are not disrupted.

What is the difference between a Quartz, Mechanical, Automatic, and Tourbillon watch?

Quartz Watches: These run on batteries. The battery sends an electric signal through a piece of crystal quartz, causing the crystal to vibrate and the watch to function. 

Mechanical Watches: These are powered by a mainspring, a coiled wire of special metal. As the mainspring unwinds, it releases energy to power the watch. 

Automatic Watches: These are a type of mechanical watch. They have a rotor which moves with the motion of the wearer's arm, winding the mainspring.


Tourbillon Watches: A tourbillon aims to counter the effects of gravity by mounting the escapement and balance wheel in a rotating cage. This negates the effect of gravity when the timepiece (and thus the escapement) is stuck in a certain position.

How should I care for these different types of watches?

Quartz Watches: Might require battery replacements. Avoid strong magnetic fields which can affect its precision.

Mechanical and Automatic Watches: Need to be wound periodically. Avoid shocks and always handle with care due to the delicate internal mechanisms.

Tourbillon Watches: Given their intricacy, always handle with utmost care, avoiding any sudden jolts. Regular servicing is essential to maintain its precision.


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What type of ink does the Vanderbilt New York pen use?

Our pens are designed to use specific ink refills for optimal performance. Please refer to the product details or reach out to our customer service for specifics.

How can I prevent my pen from leaking?

Store your pen vertically with the writing point facing up, and always ensure the cap is securely fastened when not in use.


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Are all Vanderbilt New York sunglasses UV protected?

Absolutely! Protecting your eyes is our utmost priority. All our sunglasses offer UV protection against harmful rays.

How can I clean smudges off my sunglasses?

Use the microfiber cloth provided with your sunglasses or any soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid household cleaners or paper products.

Returns and Warranty

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What is your return policy?

We aim to ensure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. If not, please refer to our Returns Policy for detailed information on returning an item.

Is there a warranty on Vanderbilt New York products?

Yes, all our products come with a standard warranty of 24-months on Watches and 12-months on Sunglasses and Pens . The duration and terms may vary by product. Detailed information is provided with the product or can be accessed on our Warranty Policy page.

Customer Support

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How can I reach customer support?

We're here to assist you!
Reach out to us via our Contact Us page.
Our customer care:
Email Id : customercare@superspringventures.com
Number : +91 890 965 4444 (10 am - 6 pm, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays)

I have a suggestion/feedback. How can I share it?

We value your feedback!
Please share your thoughts via our Contact Us page or directly through our feedback form.