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GLShelborne - Grey & Silver

GLShelborne - Grey & Silver

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Evoke an aura of sophistication with Vanderbilt New York's GLShelborne Collection pen in a refined silvery hue. This embodiment of elegance features a harmonious blend of textured patterns reminiscent of soft ripples, beautifully contrasted by its gleaming silver cap and finishes. The Vanderbilt insignia graces the cap, attesting to its unrivaled craftsmanship and timeless style. An ode to modernity and tradition, this pen promises a writing experience that is both fluid and luxuriously indulgent, staying true to the esteemed reputation of the Vanderbilt legacy.

• Type : Roller Ball Pen
• Length : 13.6 cm
• Grip Diameter : 10 mm
• Cap Mechanism : Magnetic Snap Cap
• Refill Feature : German Precision Ink
• Refill Nib : Stainless Steel

Warranty Details

Warranty Period: 12 Months
For manufacturing defects only, with invoice, except wear & tear, damages, unauthorized repairs.

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